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How to be a Leader using Social Media

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Leader-or-followerYour inner Social Media Guru wants to empower people and build a tribe of like minded people. But where to begin???

  1. Find and champion key users. If you get popular folks on social media to retweet or share your information you’ll get thousand of extra clicks! Sounds nice right? But how to make that happen – By first taking an interest in them! Follow the golden rule -  “Do onto others as you as you would have them do unto you”
  • ·Learn to select the right key users for you. Tip Search Twitter Directories for topics you care about.
  • ·Devote 2/3 of your social media time to engaging with one key user at a time.

​2.   Don’t talk to an empty room.  With Hootsuite you can schedule your social media updates when people are most likely to be listening. Combined with tools that track when your community is active online such as Tweriod and WhenToTweet, you can efficiently increase your effectiveness on social media.

3.  Help existing companies. All true leaders support their community and help them with their goals. Join some hashtag chats on Twitter. This is where people go to ask questions and share expertise!  First, choose one that fits your interests, and listen and learn. If you make the effort required to be a helpful contributor, you grow your reputation as a leader

4.   Create community interactions, not just individual interactions. The simplest approach is to ask questions of your community. I personally like to ask questions that come to me and ask for our community to help. Another great form of this is by doing polls, which you can do on your website or on your Facebook page. It can really start a lot of chatter!

5.    Focus on high-value or efficient interactions and connections only.  This is so your not wasting your time or anyone elses. Ask yourself these questions if your not sure:

  • Does it build reputation?
  • Does it deliver value to me or someone else?
  • Does it add to my connection with the community?
  • Is it efficient?

As you build your reputation as a leader, your reputation will begin to take on a life of it’s own. All you have to do is start by helping. Take the next 5 minutes to just meditate and take it all in. I know it was a lot!

To your social media success.


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