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Web Design & Development


What your website says and shows about your business is very important to the buying process. We have learned through experience that there is a difference between good design and great design. A great design is something that gets the job done without sacrificing on any aspect. A great design is both attractive and effective, but at the same time it is also functional. It is only when you combine these three qualities that your design can be called great. Are you looking to be good or great? – Silly question right.

How we get you from good to great
Every site needs a makeover now and then. We work with you throughout the entire process to make sure that we are always on the same page. You’ll get some wire frames and color choices to pick from, and we’ll design the site from there. If you have any edits, we’ll make them before the site goes live. Our website refresh package includes:

• Complete analysis of existing site to identify existing strengths and weaknesses
• Keyword research
• Back-end SEO integration
• Design refresh
• Optimization of blog, including installation of proper plugins
• Revision of existing web copy, including conversion optimization

We know that by having a website unoptimized you’re missing out on more and more traffic, sales and opportunities, so before anything gets started you will know up front how long it will take for your website to be completed.

Add on Options

• New logo design to go with your new and improved website
• Social media setup and customization for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
• Press Release to announce new web design
• Contest to celebrate and promote more traffic for your new website

You’ll love your new website, because we will work hard until it is right. Your website will position your brand exactly where you want it, one step ahead of the competition.