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Writing From the Heart with Melissa Greene

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The best way to do something is to just DO IT! The hard part about just doing it is the not thinking part. The negative chatter, the DSCN2708procrastination. The list goes on and on. I first walked into class a little unsure of myself and what I was getting into, but Melissa Greene offered herself to the class, and the line between teacher and student was dissipated pretty quickly. The whole process of opening up was so much easier.  She starts the class off by ringing a harmonious bell. Ok just a bell. It rings loudly at first but slowly carries its voice down to a whisper before it goes completely quiet. Not just a bell anymore. She does it a couple more times. Each time it touches you a litter softer than the last. I knew I loved the class immediately, I take that back, I knew it right when I walked in the door. The atmosphere filled my creative soul. I could probably spend hours just looking at all the details that went into the placement of everything. But it’s not just where she works at, it’s her home that she is opening up to you.

Moon PieWhat I get from Melissa’s class is a break from what society thinks and wants from me. I get to ground myself and tune into what “Sheena” is really thinking. I believe that our generation has a knack for taking things for granted. We forgot how joyful it is to just sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, or what it feels like to actually do the speed limit. Always a rush to be somewhere, or to find the next best thing. We don’t even get to enjoy what’s going on in front of us, right now! This class has taught me the importance of pen and paper, and how to enjoy the moment. There’s life beyond the screen of your smart phone!

The things I’m going to remember are the talks we all shared – the marble that reminded me of a sand storm, the lady that Melissa met at PetsMart, how artists are always hungry, and I will probably never look at an apple the same way again. What was once so ordinary is now DSCN2705extraordinary. I’m more in tune with taking notes, and have been more inspired than ever. I had plans to cut off our cable a little while ago, and I finally went through with it (as painful as it was). I don’t know if that has any connection at all with the writing class, but for some reason I feel it does. What I took away is going to be completely different from what anyone else experiences, and that is the beauty of it. It’s not just a writing class, but much more. It’s a way to reconnect with self and soul. As another women in class said the other day, “I’m a lifer.”- And I can’t wait to take on more of what Melissa has to offer!

You don’t have to be a seasoned writer, or have a degree to attend. All it takes is an honest desire to dig deeper into who you are asDSCN2709 a writer and as a person. Or simply a desire to get away once a week to hang out with some really awesome people! Either way go to and learn more about all the possibilities! Melissa believes in human to human contact, so don’t be surprised if she gives you a call instead of an email!

I will leave you with a quote. “You can observe a lot just by watching. We look, but what do we see?” – Yogi Berra.

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